Hi there! I’m Mario. Welcome to my personal site. I mostly use it as a blog to write about stuff I enjoy or lessons I’ve learned. I’m currently studying Computer Science at University of Zaragoza, so most of the posts are about topics related to that.

You can check out the projects I’m involved in on my GitHub profile. The biggest ones I’ve worked on are, so far:

  • Vidify: with it, you can automatically reproduce music videos of what’s playing on your computer on any device.

  • Rspotify: a wrapper for the Spotify Web API in Rust.

  • nullderef.com itself! You already know about it. It’s open source and made with Hugo, go check it out :)

If you want to contact me you can send me a message via LinkedIn or just an e-mail.

Other Cool Blogs

Here are some interesting blogs from friends or that I just enjoy reading:

  1. fasterthanlime: it features extremely thorough posts about computers (mostly Rust) in a very dynamic way. Amos, the author, really puts in effort and you can tell.

  2. Ramsay’s Eden: my friend’s Ramsay blog site, with very detailed posts. I met him maintaining Rspotify, a library in Rust, but he writes about other things as well.